Our Signature Style

Our recognizable style is the #1 reason why our clients hire us.

Simple and relaxed, our style is natural, yet orderly. Every little detail we design has a purpose. The outcome is something special – specific for the location & style of your home, and to enhance your lifestyle.

We are always striving to create environments that you won't find anywhere else. In our corner of the world, designing for all four seasons is a must. We accomplish this through the use of mass plantings of perennials and grasses, balancing it off with the use of evergreens, trees, and shrubs, which provide the framework for the breathtaking views we create.

This is what you can expect with a special relationship with Nature's Way. When the project is complete, you will see that it has only just begun. New uses for the beautiful spaces that we create will be discovered over and over as time goes on. "your yard" becomes "our yard" and we would love to have you be a part of our family.



Lost Pond

A Knockout Setting

Summer on the Riviera

Project Resiliency

Spirits of the Galien

Eagle's View

Lake Michigan Retreat

Summer's Ridge

The Ideal Place

Vacation Destination

Wooded Wonderland

A Lakeside Forest