Sawyer, Michigan

The Challenge: Make a small space feel as if there were no boundaries.

The Solution: Preservation of existing vegetation, with careful attention to house placement and future pond area. All areas of the house have an interaction with the outdoor world as if one would not know whether or not they were outside the home or in. 

Overall Effect: A North woods masterpiece! There is a feeling of calmness due to the wonderful canopy of large trees, and the trickle of a nearby creek mirrored by a gorgeous waterfall. 

Design intent

Nestled in the forests along Lake Michigan, spring arrives with colorful Dogwoods in bloom.  A slow series of water falls provide a relaxing environment with a gentle trickle of running water, and a spectacular view. Naturally placed stone creates a dramatic setting as this waterfall doubles as a retaining wall. The pathway is flanked by natural ferns and Amelanchiers. It flows up from the waters’ edge of the pond to the first floor where one can see the panoramic views to the naturally flowing pond below.  


Natural Waterfall
Retaining Walls
Sitting Areas


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