Landscaping FAQs

Why do landscapers exist and what will that do for my home or business?

Well designed landscaping will give you more than a few plants around the foundation. Landscape designers have the responsibility to bring all elements of the exterior of your home together in a way that will benefit and enhance the investment you have made. As plantings increase in size, they will also increase in value. However, the wrong plant in the wrong place will actually decrease in value. That is why dealing with a competent landscape designer will actually save money and greatly improve the chances of the landscaping appreciating in value in the years ahead.

How does this all work?

Generally there are 5 phases: Discovery, Design, Construction, Maintenance and "Enjoyment".

How much will it cost to landscape my home or business?

The particular needs of each landscape project vary making it hard to provide an accurate estimate until the job has been measured and your goals for the project have been defined.

How long does it take to landscape my home or business?

Because each project is individualized to meet your needs and goals, the timing of each project differs.

What kind of guarantee will Nature's Way provide?

Aside from natural disasters, we stand behind our work and that is a crucial factor in our success. After creating landscapes in the area for 35 years, there are several places that you can see our work in person. We invite you to do so.

Nature's Way takes pride in our wide selection and use of unusual plantings, always ensuring that they will survive in our Plant Hardiness Zone 5/6. As you might guess, with the meticulous effort that is put into the design and construction of our landscapes, we have no problem guaranteeing our work. All of our plant material is guaranteed for one year from the date of installation.

What do I need to do when the landscape is complete?

The landscape is never complete. From here begins a lifetime of evolvement as things grow and provide different qualities throughout the year. We say "Sit back, enjoy, and watch it grow!"

Of course you are now part of our family and we will be there to offer some guidelines when it comes to watering requirements, maintenance, pruning or fertilizing.

If you have any questions, just contact us!

Can Nature's Way offer a helping hand to maintain their creation?

Of course! Part of our signature style and philosophy is that you should be enjoying the landscape and not enslaved by it. When designing, we use plants for certain areas that should be left alone and not often tended to throughout the season. The best landscapes are essentially left alone.

We intend for plantes to be in mass. To achieve this, mulch is used. Mulch should only be used to aid the plants to grow and fill in. In turn, the end goal is to eliminate the overall need for mulch once the plants have filled in. Although there is no such thing as "no maintenance", with the correct maintenance we can eliminate many hours of struggle.

If you find that you don't have a green thumb - Nature's Way is always happy to help with maintenance, especially in the spring and fall when gardens' require the most work.

Should I become part of the Nature's Way family?

We'd love to have you! After 35 years, Nature's Way Landscaping definitely has a recognizable style and it's also the #1 reason why our clients hire us. We like to describe it as simple and relaxed, but in reality every little detail we design is on purpose. The outcome is something special - a rhythm in nature specific for the location & style of your home as well as your lifestyle.

We are always striving to think of new and creative environments that you won't find anywhere else. We pay extreme attention to detail and we always design your landscape for all four seasons. We accomplish this through the use of mass plantings of perennials and grasses, balancing it off with the use of evergreens, trees and shrubs, which provide the framework for the breathtaking views we create.

The framing of views is one aspect of design that can lead to the most exciting discoveries. Each angle from which you view your landscape will look surprisingly different. We like to call this "the element of surprise." It is this element of surprise that will entice you to journey around corners to the different areas and outdoor spaces we have created to see your home as never before.

This is what you can expect with a partnership with Nature's Way. When the project is complete, you will see that it has only just begun. New uses for the beautiful spaces that we create will be discovered over and over as time goes on.