General Landscaping Maintenance Schedule by Month


By the end of the month, all grasses should be cut to 6" high and perennials should be cut to the ground. Woody perennials should be cut back to stems that are 1/4" to 1/2" in diameter. Refer to our tips on pruning.



Bulbs should be coming up shortly, so if you're planning on re-mulching, now is an easy time to get it done. This is also a good time to fertilize. For perennials and grasses, use a broadcast 20-20-20 slow release fertilizer. Any kind of tree or shrub "food" will do for trees and shrubs. Remember, the faster and healthier your plants grow and fill in the space, the less likely you'll be dealing with weeds later in the season. Refer to our tips on fertilizing.


May through August

May is the perfect time to plant annuals. Our "annual crew" is available to decorate your pots and other planting areas with beautiful displays of color. Contact us for an estimate. Now is also the time to adjust your watering schedule. Most plants only need additional watering when we experience a period of several days without rain. Once established, plants will acclimate to the water provided by Mother Nature. Remember, it is better to underwater than to overwater. Most problems with plants come from overwatering!


September through December

It's time for us to plant spring bulbs and decorate your landscape with mums to add fall color. Contact us for an estimate.


January and February

Enjoy the winter interest in your landscape and wait (impatiently) for spring!